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Gerer l'Insomnie par hypnose Saint Tropez - Corinne COPPOLA

Hypnose contre l'insomnie et les troubles du sommeil
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Corinne COPPOLA Saint Tropez : Gerer ses Troubles du Sommeil, Insomnies par l'hypnose, reveil nocturne, difficulté à s'endormir, fatigue, nuit courte... Hypnose à distance Var 83 France


Feeling of having slept poorly due to:

  • Difficulty falling asleep, I'm going around in circles;

  • and/or frequent nocturnal awakenings,  and/or waking up early in the morning, feeling of not having enough  slept 

Daytime Disorders:

  • Impression of having non-restorative and non-restful sleep, Difficult awakening, feeling of intense fatigue,

  • Daytime quality of life  altered: fatigue, drowsiness, nervousness, changeable mood and difficulty concentrating and memorizing...

Insomnia can be regular or occasional , it can occur following an upsetting event "work, family or other bereavement, illness or even noisy environment or too much time spent in front of the TV, tablet, telephone etc...) consumption of stimulants such as cigarettes, coffee and alcohol accentuate excitability in the evening and promote nocturnal sleepiness.Insomnia problems settle in and for some in a lasting way.

We speak of chronic insomnia when the disorders occur more than 3 X per week, for more than 3 months.

Insomnia is a common problem in adults, but  sleep disorders are more and more present  in children and adolescents related to time spent on networks and others. the  child's sleep just like   sleep in adults is organized in cycles. It begins with a phase 1 of falling asleep then cycles of sleep follow one another. Its duration per individual is variable.

Hypnosis Against insomnia and sleep disorders
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Insomnia is a lack or poor quality of sleep that affects physical, psychological and social activities the next day during the day. The main causes of insomnia are: stress, anxiety, ruminations, depression or depression.


Stress, anxiety, ruminations, main causes!

More than 50% of insomnia is due to its causes.

Negative life events, desired or suffered (divorce, dismissal, moving, unemployment, etc.) can be the origin. Insomnia in most cases remains temporary and natural point solutions are sufficient. However, persistent distressing situations prevent the return to sleep from returning to normal even when the occasional cause has disappeared. Insomnia has set in and is becoming chronic. Several solutions are available to you and combine perfectly well.

Punctual drug intake + Hypnosis Relaxation

Hypnosis and CBT behavioral therapies

Cognitive-behavioral therapies (CBT) should be preferred because they are very  effective in first intention than pharmacological treatments. They allow  to substitute temporarily  the treatment of insomnia by allopathy over an intermediate period and activates new more adapted behaviors and abolishes those  unsuitable.  Eg:  limiting beliefs about sleep compared to rumors and preconceived ideas about sleep in general (number of hours, etc.)  Factors and mechanisms  linked to insomnia, on which the sleep/wake rhythm depends, are  explained by the practitioner  which allows the said  the "insomniac" to better understand his nights of sleep  and apply the advice

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that affects nearly 20% of French people. Often caused by stress, ruminations, it can lead the person into a cycle of severe fatigue

Nocturnal awakening or difficulty falling asleep , you lack hours of sleep, the nights seem short and not very recuperative, severe fatigue during the day? React!

More than 10 million people consume sleeping pills in France. A worrying number.​

Hypnosis  is a quick and effective solution. Because of its very gentle and relaxing approach. This relaxation technique is similar to "Sophrology". and brings you complete and immediate relaxation. You let go!

The EMC "altered state of consciousness" awake sleep that hypnosis gives you will lull you into a deep hypnotic trans so that the phase of work at the level of the unconscious activates all the necessary resources for reprogramming sleep. So as the sessions progress you  you will have better nights.

Gerer l'Insomnie par hypnose Saint Tropez - Corinne COPPOLA

Fall back to sleep with hypnosis

Hypnotherapy helps to soothe anxieties and lower the stress threshold, thus it helps to overcome insomnia and  find a more restful sleep. Less than 10 sessions are enough to see a clear improvement in sleep. 

hypnosis  therapeutic is  recognized as an effective tool which some hospitals specializing in sleep disorders, today use it to also reduce pain, or even  replace anesthetics.

Hypnosis reduces stress-related emotions

The brain has several areas that are muted like when you sleep. Other areas they  have the ability to reduce stress and anxiety . Hypnosis stimulates these areas and helps stop thoughts to create a state that is necessarily suitable for falling asleep or/and sleeping better. Falling asleep time decreases and sleep duration increases, so you recover by sleeping better  

Conduct of a hypnosis session to sleep better

Quick results thanks to  to hypnosis

The beneficial effects of hypnosis sessions are felt very quickly and from the first session, the person feels relaxed and rested.  According to studies, between 50% and 85%  of people see their sleep improve after several sessions (duration of falling asleep and quality). Count between 5 to 10 sessions, spaced 1 to 2 weeks apart to see real changes. It turns out that some resistances require more sessions to achieve sleep.

  • The first consultation  1st step :

  • It starts with an interview with the hypnotherapist who takes all the  information necessary for the correct diagnosis "which will determine the most suitable approach and according to the degree of insomnia. It will identify  the cause of  sleep disorders , and will adapt the most appropriate technique and suggestions. The first brakes are  then get up.

  • During the hypnosis session,  the hypnotherapist  lead the person to  relax deeply into him  suggesting to completely relax and loosen all the muscles of the body

  • The practitioner suggests to the person to  think of pleasant memories and   associated feelings of well-being . The objective is to help him find a universe of reassuring tranquility where he feels good.  to fall asleep.

hypnose troubles du sommeil saint tropez var 83

sleep better

thanks to hypnosis!

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