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Hypnose Arret Tabac Saint Tropez | Corinne COPPOLA

Corinne COPPOLA : Arreter de fumer durablement c'est possible. Hypnose Arret Tabac Golfe de Saint Tropez et à distance Var 83 et France Métropolitaine 

Hypnose Arret Tabac Saint Tropez | Corinne COPPOLA

Smoking Cessation Hypnosis
gulf of saint tropez var  83

Any addiction should be taken seriously and dealt with on a case-by-case basis.


Any addiction should be taken seriously and dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Everyone is different when it comes to addiction.

A toxicology questionnaire makes it possible to identify and assess the degree of dependence and to adapt the session.

Hypnosis is a fast, effective and complete practice to quit smoking. It allows you to adopt new healthier behaviors, save time and money. You gain vitality and self-esteem.

Hypnose Arret Tabac Saint Tropez | Corinne COPPOLA

The quality of the relationship  "therapist – patient" is important. The therapeutic alliance the key to the process.

The patient feels listened to, heard and safe. He exchanges, expresses his fears and delivers all aspects of his addiction. All the ecological brakes are  addressed during the diagnosis and the first  session can then lift the first resistances. The sessions are then adapted  


The technique to quit smoking by hypnosis works on subjects who are weakly or very strongly dependent on nicotine. Everyone has a chance to quit smoking

Hypnosis relieves smoking withdrawal symptoms and addictive behavioral patterns

  The  5 levels of approach to quitting smoking by hypnosis:

  • Direct suggestions to the smoker

  • make a change  radical  the patient comes out of his imprisonment, attachment etc...  

  • Change the perception of addictive behavior to visualize it independent, autonomous

  • Future projection, hypnosis helps to visualize the future without tobacco and live as a non-smoker

  •   hypnosis and the aversive technique: tobacco = Disgust.

  • Self-hypnosis to strengthen the autonomy of the person in their daily weaning process

A minimum of  5 hypnosis sessions  is necessary to defeat tobacco. Each individual is different when it comes to this decision-making. IT'S A REAL DIVORCE! breaking free from addiction depends on the amount of tobacco smoked, number of years, age and general situation when making the decision. Motivation is the NUMBER 1 key;


Reinforcement sessions can be advised in case of resistance or relapses. But it is within everyone's reach, regardless of age and duration of smoking, to get out of this addiction. If others have succeeded then you too can succeed!

Yes  weaning does not appear after 10 sessions, there is no point in continuing for the moment. Wait a few weeks before renewing the hypnosis sessions and help yourself with gums or patches for a few weeks.


Immediate smoking cessation has always been shown to be preferable to gradual cessation. The patient chooses hypnosis precisely because he wishes to be rid of tobacco as quickly as possible.

However, some people need steps to assert their decision and get used to change. 

Hypnosis is an effective , fast and  complete to quit smoking. You adopt new healthier behaviors and save time. 

Quit smoking by hypnosis!

Hypnosis to quit smoking permanently is very effective  in just a few sessions.

The goal is to make the patient aware, immobilized for a long time by this addiction, to finally make a firm and definitive decision. Hypnosis integrates all the hypnotic suggestions for weaning.


The cigarette being perceived as useless, foreign, obsolete or as a betrayal of which he is the victim.


Your motivation must be personal and high because 

smoking cessation  is easier than you think! only determination  and personal investment  will make the difference in the desired results!

quitting smoking by hypnosis  is based on the mechanism of suggestion. every smoker wants to quit smoking one day in their life. The fear of not getting there is often the first obstacle The second being the fear of dying.

As a hypnotherapist,  I increase the part of desire to stop however small it is and I lower the threshold of pleasure of smoking in displeasure "smell, taste, rejection etc..." through hypnotic suggestions  and a speech adapted to quitting smoking. The person then feels a feeling of freedom, I deliver them from a first feeling that of potentially being a non-smoker during the first session. I project it into the future and evoke all the feelings that it gives to be a NON-smoker with new, healthier habits for a serene life.


The patient fully grasps all his new sensations and continues to exploit them day after day, because the unconscious continues its work, that of disseminating information from the hypnosis sessions. example, the pleasure of breathing BETTER and getting rid of a toxic product, overcoming addiction and becoming free and liberated.

Course of a stop smoking hypnosis session
gulf of saint tropez var  83

It is not possible to define in advance the number of sessions necessary to achieve your goal.

Step 1 
Define your goal

The first part of the hypnosis session is devoted to defining your goal and seeing together the means to achieve it. STOP TOBACCO immediate or progressive.

This first session is devoted to this 1st stage of diagnosis and removing the first brakes. Resistance test

hypnose arret tabac golfe saint tropez

2nd step
The Hypnotic Trance

The purpose of this phase is to  accompany you in hypnosis , using the most suitable technique. 

There are many techniques to help a person go into hypnotic trans, through suggestions  direct or suggestive. "awake sleep"

All questions are answered during the 1st appointment and  I explain to you how  the session takes place  from A to Z.

Evaluation of results

Once the hypnosis session is over, some results can sometimes be assessed immediately. or later

Generally, the real work is done after the hypnosis session and continues  in the following days.​

All the results evaluation methods are defined together before each session in order to identify the effectiveness of the hypnosis sessions. ​

It sometimes happens that the results take longer than expected or do not live up to the expectations of the person.

In which case, another approach may be considered.

Step 3
The Work of Therapeutic Hypnosis

During the phase where you are in hypnosis , I accompany you in order to implement the resources allowing you to reach your goal gently

You live a beautiful experience that is hypnosis and an intense and generating moment thus promoting new achievements and changes of which you will be proud.

The objective being that you achieve the objective in question


When the hypnosis session is over, you  get out of trans like a light or deep nap and you'll be back  back to your normal relaxed and healthy state of consciousness 

A point on each hypnosis session is then carried out.

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