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Hypnose Stress Peurs Golfe Saint Tropez - Corinne COPPOLA

Hypnose Stress Peurs Golfe Saint Tropez - Corinne COPPOLA

Corinne COPPOLA à Saint Tropez vous aide par l'hypnose et EMDR, à gérer votre stress, peurs, angoisses, anxiété, phobies, traumatisme... Hypnose à distance Var 83 et France Métropolitaine 

Hypnosis Overcome Stress-Anxiety-Fear-Phobia
gulf of saint tropez var  83

Behavioral disorders are associated with charged emotional states "stress, fears", often uncontrollable and misunderstood by others.

Hypnose Stress Peurs Golfe Saint Tropez - Corinne COPPOLA

Behavioral disorders are often associated with charged emotional states that are sometimes uncontrollable and misunderstood by those around them. Sadness and loneliness set in.​

Hypnosis and "or" NMO*emdr  *(Eye Movement Neurotherapy)  helps you unblock anxiety-provoking behaviors by activating the necessary resources. Thus hypnosis activates in you, all the natural capacities to better manage your emotions and their symptoms.

The therapeutic method depends on the symptoms to be treated Ex: Traumas and phobias are treated in synergy of the 2 practices "hypnosis and emdr*" which are very effective complementary techniques with surprising results!

Phobias are often linked to exaggerated fears  and dependent on inappropriate symptoms or feelings  compared to real situations. Exempted from certain cases.

The nature or the triggering situation of this so-called phobia disorder is called "phobogenic".   They are related  anxiety disorders "set of mental disorders"  at the center of which anxiety and fear focus on a particular object, situation or action "ex: Driving, Taking the ascender, Animals etc. 

Fear, Phobia, Anxiety... 

When the person is paralyzed by fear in the absence of real danger and it takes on disproportionate proportions, then daily life is chronically impacted . The person suffers because he is  aware of his phobia and that his fear is irrational and his behaviors are  inappropriate and exaggerated. Impossible to reason with oneself and to be able to resist the need for avoidance


Treatment of phobia by hypnosis and others: 

A phobia requires comprehensive and sometimes medicinal treatment. When this obliges the person  to restrict or suspend its daily activities and alters the  quality of life, then we must react immediately. Most people say  phobic  implement avoidance strategies and live in anticipation of the situation.


What are the reasons ? 

Often ignored, they often start from education and or the family environment which can  play a role in the emergence  later phobias , but other traumas can be the causes, ex: (car accident, violence, rape, death, abandonment, bite  etc.)

Hypnosis and CBT Therapy Solutions

The  cognitive behavioral therapies  associated with other practices  relaxation  have already proven themselves in this phobic treatment. The person expresses the symptoms and triggering situations of his phobia, cognitive-behavioral therapy will be adapted as first intention. This therapy consists of exposing gently and progressively  the individual facing the object or the "virtual" situation that triggers his fear and until he manages to manage and control his anxiety and have another perception of it. The relief is very fast and is expressed as soon as the first session "reduction of the tension threshold" the symptoms disappear in just a few sessions.  in depth to discover the origin of his fears, anxieties or phobia is strongly  advised. Longer analytic therapy may be considered  . 

Hypnosis helps you better manage your emotions and get out of loneliness and isolation.

Hypnotherapy, Emdr, Tcc and their effectiveness  proven: 

Hypnosis is the fastest and most effective recognized method for overcoming fears, anxieties and phobias. His  efficiency rate is remarkable and is close to 100%. The work in hypnosis is based on the association of different methods which are complementary "hypnosis, emdr, eft etc..." to finally overcome one's anxieties, fears and  phobias. It only takes about 10 sessions to get out of this vicious circle.  The number of sessions varies from one individual to another, patience is the watchword.

Conduct of a Hypnosis session Overcome Stress-Anxiety-Fear-Phobia
gulf of saint tropez var  83

  • How does a Hypnosis or Emdr session take place?

  • The person is comfortably installed on an armchair and will be put in a state of hypnotic trans  "hypnosis" a so-called awake sleep, (natural phenomenon) once relaxed and emotional threshold lowered, all the tensions of the body are released, relaxation sets in

  • Relaxed and in a feeling of security, the person will relive the situation differently and gain height and distance from the emotions and feelings that the person has experienced in the past.

  • The hypnotic work consists in creating dissociation which will make it possible to differentiate what is real or the fruit of the imagination . The perception of the situation changes and new, more comfortable feelings are established. The person will be able to revisualize and relive this same situation differently better and dissociated  of any symptoms.  Considerable comfort is experienced from the first hypnosis session. 

  • Emdr is an approach proposed in 1st or second intention "depending on the intensity of the symptoms presented. An interactive participation between the practitioner and the individual will be proposed." See Emdr reception*

hypnose peur transport foule saint tropez var 83

Thanks to hypnosis 

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