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Hypnose Maigrir Perte de Poids Saint Tropez | Corinne COPPOLA

Hypnose Maigrir Perte de Poids Troubles Alimentaires Addiction Au Sucre Saint Tropez Corinne COPPOLA boulimie, anorexie, sucreries, sodas etc... Au delà du problème de poids, des complications sur la santé peuvent être diagnostiquées.

Hypnose Maigrir Perte de Poids Saint Tropez | Corinne COPPOLA

Manage eating disorders and lose weight with hypnosis
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 What is an eating disorder?


the  eating disorder  causes suffering because we do not always understand the causes. It's not just because you restrict your diet or consider eating too much.  or snacking when you have to manage an emotion "bored, stress, sadness etc..." or rushing on sugar, chocolate "These are sometimes real discomforts  who express themselves in these ways and often associate with each other. Findings:  deficiencies, malaise and health problems.

What types of eating disorders?

Different eating disorders , in definition are: disturbances related to behavior with harmful repercussions on health both physically and psychologically. There are 3 of TCA:

  • Anorexia  This obsession with wanting to lose more and more weight and restrict food intake which is increasing permanently. A  distortion of the perception of one's silhouette  (dysmorphophobia)  giving a feeling of being fat even when one is thin. Unfortunately, the person affected by this disease does not feel in danger.


  • Bulimia  It is characterized by the repetition of uncontrollable impulses "to throw themselves on food in large quantities. The person undergoes these crises and feels guilty "negative self-image" loss of  weight control followed by different means to lose them, a vicious circle "vomiting, laxative,  intense physical activity or repeated fasting". These attitudes must be taken care of quickly in order to avoid complications.  serious for health.


  • Binge eating disorder explained  by bouts of binge eating without trying to control weight. this has consequences on weight gain and self-image that is poorly accepted and harmful to health.

Recognize an eating disorder, how?

One  eating disorder  is very difficult to recognize. It can often be harmless, just a diet encouraged by those around you who see it as a step towards well-being and little by little,  the obsessive desire to lose weight and stay slim sets in and then the food restrictions become anchored and become draconian. Anorexia sets in little by little: Examples of alarming signs:

  • Excess weight loss

  • Intensive practice of physical exercises

  • Avoidance of meals at the table and in society

  • Rejection of certain "fatty foods, sauces, etc."

  • Constant weight and food control

  • Isolation and withdrawal "feels misunderstood"

  • Degradation of the gaze on body image: "feeling of ugliness, of being fat..."

In general, there is little or no weight loss in disorders of   bulimia and binge eating as this is mostly related to a  poor self-image. The origin of this behavior is often concealed but signs can alert you:

  • Significant weight variations "yoyo phenomenon"

  • The craze for salty, sweet and fatty foods

  •   Repeated vomiting, stomach aches

  • Rushing to the toilet after meals

  • Obsession with physical appearance and weight

  • Sorting food on the plate and stress at the table

  • Sadness and self-loathing

  • Isolation, Anxiety, Anxiety, Nausea, Fears

 How Hypnosis Can Help You Cope  eating disorders?

The hypnotherapist  intervenes on the unconscious and helps the person to find the cause of his food impulses "anorexia, bulimia or any other tca". A diagnosis is then established and the appropriate sessions can begin.

Concerning  eating disorder , the hypnotherapist will look for the origin and identify the causes "all the interest of the work". It often happens that in people, their TCA problem emerges from their complicated family environment, the idea being not to change the environment, but the perception of one's image "self with oneself" work on the image of oneself and the resulting emotions. A work of substance and form.

Identifying the causes of the symptoms is the essential basis of the work of TCAs. Image, Emotions,  Reactions then comes the how to...

  the goal of therapy  is to lead the person to have another perception of food and its real usefulness. Modify the perception of eating and  abolish the obsession.

Compulsive eating disorders are harmful to health "bulimia, anorexia, excess of sweets, sodas etc... Weight problems and more severe complications can be diagnosed.​

Hypnosis eating disorders helps identify the causes of behavioral disorders and discuss

the need for pleasure. Thus, hypnosis activates new natural mechanisms of healthier adapted substitutions. ​


A multidisciplinary approach  with nutrition professionals is sometimes necessary for greater efficiency.

Stop sugar and snacking  thanks to hypnosis!

Find a balance  food thanks to hypnosis, to be better in your body

Hypnose maigrir Perte de Poids golfe de saint tropez var 83

Addicted to sugar and snacking?

hypnosis for weight loss  requires comprehensive care, multidisciplinary support

can be advised. Would you fill the void that fears, sadness, lack of self-confidence etc. cannot be filled? What if this explained your ED?


Emotions are subject to this type  of  disturbances.​

Hypnose arreter le sucre golfe de saint tropez var 83

Virtual or hypnotic gastric band

If the food intake is considered too high during meals, if you have lost the feeling of satiety, the installation of the virtual gastric band is an indication to lure your unconscious in order to install a feeling of shrinkage of the gastric volume in all safety.

Integrated within the overall management of weight problems, together with work on your relationship to food and on compulsions, the hypnotic gastric band can restore momentum in the context of the management of weight disorders. eating behavior.

It is not a diet but a regulation of the quantity ingested.

A lighter life!
Through hypnosis

A weight loss hypnosis session

Hypnosis in case of TCA is open to anyone wishing to manage their disorders and even see weight loss.

The first session lasts  1h30", Because I am taking an anamnesis. (patient diagnosis) conversational exchange  to find  the causes of the problem then adapt the necessary sessions.

This first diagnostic step  allows the patient to understand the reasons for his troubles and then comes the session devoted to hypnosis. "  work begins  . 1st stage, We lift the first brakes 

Comment se déroulent les séances hypnose Golfe de saint tropez

1/ Relaxation stage (hypnotic -trans induction  ) awake sleep (light or deep) identical to a nap, you relax while I begin to lift the first brakes (dissociate the conscious and the unconscious)


2/ Emc modified state of consciousness,  integrate new behaviors  food  more balanced and new learning stimulated at the level of the unconscious thanks to the hypnotic suggestions adapted to the objective of this hypnosis session.

Each hypnosis session is adapted according to the evolution of each (one) of the patients 

The number of sessions varies according to the problems encountered during the diagnosis. 

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