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Corinne COPPOLA Hypnothérapie Saint Tropez : Vous êtes déprimé, sans motivation, Burn Out ? l'hypnose contre surmenage, fatigue, stress. Hypnose à distance Var 83 France

Gestion Burn Out deprime Golfe Saint Tropez - Corinne COPPOLA

Gestion Burn Out deprime Golfe Saint Tropez - Corinne COPPOLA

“As a psychoanalyst and practitioner, I realized that people are sometimes victims of fire, just like buildings. Under the tension produced by life in our complex world, their internal resources come to be consumed as if under the action of flames, leaving only an immense void inside, even if the external envelope seems more or less intact. . » S. Freud

What is Burnout?

This term designates a syndrome of professional and/or personal exhaustion. This generalized term represents deep fatigue (feeling of exhaustion and overwork" a lack of interest and demotivation in professional and general activity, whether or not associated with chronic fatigue. All symptoms of generalized exhaustion are considered to be the result of a chronic professional and or private stress, the person can no longer concentrate, work and cope with professional demands, impacted in his personal life.  Generalized loss of motivation and declining self-esteem. The chaos!

Hypnosis for Overcoming
gulf of saint tropez var 83

150 million boxes prescribed each year "psychotropics, anxiolytics, antidepressants etc..." Alarming figures.

Excessive overwork and fatigue lead to a loss of psychological control and  physical.  The health consequences are worrying.​​

Hypnosis is a considerable help because it helps you get out of this state of psychological isolation and prevents you from taking chemical substances.

Listening, Benevolence, Non-Judgement "the key" to open the door to other more constructive goals and reconnect with existential values. You !

Gestion Burn Out deprime Golfe Saint Tropez - Corinne COPPOLA

BURN OUT?  Symptoms and physical signs  : 

Deep and permanent fatigue,   sleep disturbances, insomnia,   migraineweakened immune system, frequent infections associated with psychological suffering  : anxiety disorders in all its forms,  mood swings, irritability, aggression, sadness,  withdrawal, loss of self-confidence and reduced self-esteem,  memory and concentration difficulties,  feeling of being overwhelmed by the tasks assigned at work, abnormal exhaustion and loss of bearings

Emergency solutions complementary to hypnosis

Physical rest associated with  calm and relaxing physical activities  "cardiac coherence, relaxation in nature, listening to calm music, reading  etc …) Devoting oneself to healthy pleasures. Conceal any form of objective whatsoever. Practice hypnosis through adapted sessions and daily self-hypnosis to learn how to let go more quickly and release nervous tension. The unconscious will activate new, more positive behaviors necessary for the best  to be.

Quick treatment with hypnosis   and brief therapies are recommended because they are very effective.

Hypnosis  and Emdr to overcome depression / burn-out

These therapeutic approaches are very effective and bring quick results, so you learn to cope with your troubles. The first appointment of the first stage being to define the real causes of the disorders exposed and to adapt the hypnosis sessions according to the symptoms. One identifies the emotions, the feelings that the state of the moment provides and in the state of emergency one proceeds to an immediate appeasement to attenuate the first sufferings. In a second step, we will work more in depth on the causes and adapt the hypnosis sessions (goals, objectives, expectations, frequency, etc.) 

A multidisciplinary support with other professionals can be advised in order to optimize the work of therapy "Hypnosis, emdr, eft, tcc, psychotherapy etc"

Conduct of an Anti Burn Out hypnosis session

A hypnosis session lasts an average of one hour.

After the first interview with the person, the hypnotist determines the objective of the session and removes the first brakes. A test on resistance to hypnosis is proposed.  In a second time,  the hypnotherapist will rely on metaphors, anecdotes, stories and/or hypnotic suggestions of new images and sensations to bring the person to the desired change. The individual remains conscious throughout the session even if he is in the so-called awake sleep phase (EMC) modified state of consciousness. Then comes the work phase where hypnotic suggestions are presented in relation to the expectations of the person and the session.

Hypnose Gestion Burn Out golfe de saint tropez

How many hypnosis sessions are needed  ? 

The number of sessions varies according to each (one) and the problems encountered. Three four sessions may be enough to improve the first symptoms. Other deeper issues require in-depth work and require  several months of work .

Following regular sessions with a hypnosis practitioner will allow you to check the evolution of the general situation and thus continue to advance, evolve and progress in your personal journey. His listening, his psychological support and his beneficial aid tools will allow you to stabilize your emotional states. 

Thanks to hypnosis.

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