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Hypnose en ligne par téléconsultation et à distance Var 83 | Corinne COPPOLA 

Hypnose en ligne par téléconsultation et à distance Var 83 | Corinne COPPOLA 

Quels sont les avantages de l'Hypnose Thérapie en Ligne

Ericksonian hypnosis,  the hypnotherapist accompanies the person at various levels through the practice of hypnosis, which  is very common among high-level sports athletes but also among people wishing to develop abilities  intellectual "memorization rtc ... in the world of work. Hypnosis will act with the unconscious by stimulating areas "pleasure stimulated with the brain" and thus make the individual feel the sensation of goal success " winning spirit " all  the physical and mental abilities are well beyond the limits of consciousness "these are visualized and experienced during the session" Ericksonian hypnosis, is in this context, one of the most recognized branches of the hypnosis  therapy by acting at different levels:

* At the physical and behavioral level

* On personal and emotional development (the state of mind influences the body and its  performance, and health)

It removes blockages  psychological limits to bring out real abilities.

Hypnosis optimizes the powers of motivation in the face of personal, professional and sporting objectives.

Hypnosis Coaching 
gulf of saint tropez var 83

Hypnose a distance partout en France

Hypnosis and Mental Coaching

Hypnosis optimizes the powers of motivation in the face of Sporting, Professional or Personal objectives.

Mental coaching allows you to develop the spirit of victory in all areas of your life. The combination of the two approaches optimizes the results. Most of  famous sportsmen use  hypnosis and challenges.​ Thus hypnosis and mental coaching in  synergy activate and stimulate  performance capacity resources at all levels : Ex:  help the individual  to express themselves in public and position themselves in the world of work, to remove blockages in life in society  etc...!

Do you stand out from others in a demanding society?

Hypnose en ligne par téléconsultation et à distance Var 83 | Corinne COPPOLA

Hypnosis and Our Sports Heroes 

All these  great American sports heroes have all used hypnosis during their mental preparation " Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, André Agassi, the Williams sisters or even Mohamed Ali…."  Michael Schumacher, him  put himself in a hypnotic state before a race in order to be optimally concentrated.

Thanks to hypnosis.

Conduct of a performance hypnosis session

A hypnosis session lasts an average of one hour.
After the first interview with the person, the hypnotist determines the objective of the session and lifts the brakes .
Secondly ,  the therapist will rely on stimulation specific to the session and the desired objective through "metaphors, anecdotes, stories and/or suggested images" to bring the person to the desired result . the session,  the spirit remains conscious to him. (EMC) The modified state of consciousness preceding the work phase (hypnotic suggestions is adapted to the objective and in line with the desired expectations .
Déroulement d'une séance d'hypnose à distance var 83 France métropolitaine

How many sessions are needed ? 

The number of sessions depends on each person and the desired objective. 'Cause we're all different, some just need  three Four sessions, others sometimes require in-depth work which sometimes requires more sessions on  several months  .

Regular accompaniment with a hypnosis practitioner makes it possible to check the evolution of the person whatever his "sports and / professional / Personal" environment, thus it contributes to the  psychological support and provides beneficial and useful support tools for its development, progression and emotional stabilization. Patience is lifesaving! 

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