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What is Ericksonian Hypnosis?
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 Ericksonian hypnosis , is a complete therapeutic practice ,  recognized , practiced and proven by the greatest psychiatrists and  history psychologists (1901)

The notoriety of this approach is no longer a secret as to the rapid and lasting results . That  Personalized and structured therapeutic approach helps identify the causes of your symptoms and remedy them.

Ericksonian hypnosis comes from the practice of  Milton Erickson  (1901-1980), psychiatrist, American psychologist.

This therapeutic approach is recognized, acting on the unconscious, because it allows, by a technique of "story, image, situation and metaphors" suggestions, to involve the imagination of people, emc " Modified state of consciousness " to review the reality and the way the individual  perceives it again. The changes then operate...

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"We all have potential  of which we are unaware"

The Hypnosis Solution
and the NMO*emdr

My Approach

The “First Date, First Step” Anamnesis

From the first appointment , I am able to make the diagnosis thanks to a protocol of  questions  precise and specific to this method which is Ericksonian hypnosis. Appropriate and programmed hypnosis and or NMO*emdr sessions will then be proposed to you.


The hypnotherapist spends an average of 1h15 on your first appointment.

The diagnosis is essential, it allows you to optimize your sessions.

How does a Hypnosis or NMO*emdr session take place ?

*(Neurotherapy by Eye Movements).


You are installed comfortably , quietly for one hour. There's nothing else to do, just you  let it go and be guided by the appropriate hypnotic techniques and suggestions. The unconscious,  by the approach of hypnosis and or NMO*emdr, will take care of everything  simply to change the perception of negative data into positive data.


Induction "light or deep relaxation stage" lulls you into a state of awake sleep " while remaining conscious"  you let go, while your unconscious activates  the right information and new learning necessary and adapted to the desired transformations . The objective of the session is determined in advance.

What are the results and how many sessions are needed?

The results are felt from the first sessions and the scheduling of appointments varies according to the problem(s) to be managed. The investment in terms of time depends on each person and it is up to the person to determine the frequency of their appointments. The hypnotherapist adapts.

*(Neurotherapy by Eye Movements).

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NMO * Eye Movement Neurotherapy is for therapists  confirmed and certified . This approach in psychotherapy  resulting from the technique ('emdr*),  consists in being able to treat the person as a whole "It is a strategy  therapy in its own right. Its fields of application are aimed at traumas, phobias , anxieties, fears, limiting beliefs, ocd, self-confidence , emotional dependence  and many others .... ;


C reated initially in 1987 by Francine SHAPIRO, L*emdr "Eye Movement Desensitization and Perpocessing" consists of the desensitization and reprocessing of traumatic information or memory ...) from the brain , by scanning eye movement . 

His singular technique is based on a strict protocol of questions adapted and in relation to the trauma

Precise "reframing" associated with bilateral stimulation through "eye scans" alternating eye movements from left to right (15 to 30 times)...

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What is NMO*emdr?

*(Neurotherapy by Eye Movements).

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