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Hypnose Golfe Saint Tropez | Arret Tabac | Maigrir | Confiance en soi | Corinne COPPOLA

- hypnose arret tabac - hypnose vaincre alcoolisme - hypnose enfant ados - hypnose maigrir - Hypnose cannabis

Hypnose Golfe Saint Tropez | Arret Tabac | Maigrir | Confiance en soi | Corinne COPPOLA

Hypnotherapeute Corinne COPPOLA 06 72 92 14 76 Hypnose Adulte Adolescent Enfant Golfe de St Tropez Arret tabac maigrir dormir confiance en soi enfance 

Hypnose Golfe Saint Tropez | Arret Tabac | Maigrir | Confiance en soi | Corinne COPPOLA

A Personalized and Result-Oriented Approach


Certified Specialist in Brief Therapies - Hypnosis and NMO*emdr
Adults - Teenagers - Children

Gulf of Saint Tropez

*(Neuro Therapy by Eye Movements).

Appointment at your place or  at distance

Metropolitan France and Europe

corinne coppola hypnose saint tropez

About me

Corinne Coppola certified specialist in Ericksonian hypnosis and NMO*emdr

*(Neurotherapy by Eye Movements).

I work with a wide audience of adults, adolescents and children using complementary techniques which are:  Ericksonian Hypnosis and NMO*emdr "Eye Movement Neurotherapy" Fast and effective methods.  Each adapts to each individual whatever the age and the problems encountered; Examples of issues addressed  :

Smoking Cessation Hypnosis  other Addictions

Hypnosis  Stress  Insomnia  Anxiety

Hypnosis Eating Disorders  Weightloss

Hypnosis  Chronic Pain

Anti Depression Hypnosis  Loss of focus

Child Hypnosis Concentration  Learning

Hypnosis Coaching  Performance Motivation

Hypnosis - NMO* emdr  Phobias  Fears Traumas

*(Neurotherapy by Eye Movements).

Disorders Solved by Hypnosis

Mes services
EXTRAORDINARY in 1 month I lost 7 kilos I feel much better morally and I see positive thanks to Corinne, I would never be grateful enough to her.

Customer Testimonials Followed By Hypnosis

Madame Coppola is extremely gentle and kind, she listens to her patients and devotes a lot of time to understanding them in order to help them better. She invests 200% in her work where we feel that it is a passion! Finally, Madame Coppola was able to resolve my nocturnal anxieties and I feel relieved
I don't regret my travels from Cannes to attend Ms Coppola's sessions. Thank you again for freeing me from my eating disorder.

M Lpf

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Contact me

Corinne COPPOLA  


06 72 92 14 76

9 Boulevard Louis Blanc - 83 990 - Saint-Tropez

type of consultation
Fashion, place of consultation

*(Neurotherapy by Eye Movements).

Merci pour votre envoi !

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